This year given COVID-19, the Runners Edge Main Street Mile will take place as a “Virtual Mile Challenge”. It will be held from June 16th, 2020 – July 16, 2020 and will once again, benefit Companions in Courage Foundation. We will make a special effort to thank all our great sponsors who have supported us over the last 15 years while also benefiting those in need and the great healthcare professionals on the front lines in our communities! . We expect to be back better than ever in 2021! But this year will be special – you will have the chance to run a virtual mile, or participate in a “virtual mile challenge” and run as many miles in 30 days as possible.

Every participant will get a very special commemorative shirt and an entry into a special raffle drawing! 

All proceeds go to benefit the great work done by NHL Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine’s Companions in Courage Foundation for Children’s Hospitals in our community with their efforts to connect pediatric patients with their classmates, family and heroes! You will also have the chance to hear from and submit questions to Pat Lafontaine via Cisco WebEx video conferences that will take place during this time, it will be known as the “Courage Hour”.

Any donations made during this challenging time are very much appreciated! We hope you can take part. You can also checkout our Facebook page for more information. 


One Mile challenge –   submit time, no awards, honor system. Tell us about where you ran, jogged or even walked it – its about completing it! Was it the track? Or a scenic and unique course? Show us photos!

“Multiple Miles” challenge – how many miles you can log during June. Be adventurous; show us photos on where you ran!

You can submit your times online. While there are no awards, some selected performances are eligible to be winners of an interview with Pat Lafontaine and the Companions in Courage Team on “The Courage Hour” video conference sessions! .


$25 registration fee – deadline is July 16.


All entrants get a very special Runners Edge Main Street Mile Virtual Mile Challenge T-shirt a custom bib and finisher certificate that can be printed out by each participant. Also, every entry will be eligible for a special raffle drawing!


All entrants are eligible for a special raffle drawing. Prizes include Amazon gift cards, memorabilia, gift certificates and other fun prizes!