The Lion’s Den Rooms were designed by Edwin Schlossberg (pictured) and his renowned team at ESI Design. The firm is well known for their award-winning designs from the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Pope John Paul Cultural Center in Rome and Ellis and Liberty Islands in New York City.

The Lion’ Den environment promotes healing and well-being through enriching activities and communications. Patients can connect with their family, classmates and heroes in a soothing environment that addresses the experiential and emotional needs unique to hospitalized children.

Created to stimulate social interaction among patients and their families, the Lion’s Den is a “room within a room.” Built entirely offsite, with customized components, the assembly is easy to complete, with minimal impact, in any hospital.

Much more than a playroom, these unique spaces can facilitate usage as a parent resource center or training center for the staff. The Corian walls and counter tops are non-porous and easy to maintain for the Facilities staff.

Introducing technology to the healing process has revolutionized the way patients interact and recover during times of treatment.