On Wednesday, December 2nd and Thursday December 3rd, the Companions in Courage Foundation, in collaboration with Google and Connoisseur Media, will present the 2020 Santa Connection! Pediatric patients across North America will be given the opportunity to have a (virtual) personal visit with Santa Claus, and each patient will be provided a gift. With COVID restrictions limiting even family visits to the hospital this year, this event takes on extra special meaning.

How important are these chats with Santa? Consider this hospital note shared with us from a previous North Pole visit. “We have a young lady who has been here with us for several months, and has had more difficulties than someone her age should ever have to experience. She was overjoyed to have a few moments with Santa, who was the most genuine, kind and compassionate Kris Kringle I’ve ever seen! He truly brought the spirit of Christmas Magic to each visit. The gift cards were icing on the cake and a fun way to close out each visit.”

For information on ways that you can participate in this heartwarming annual event, please visit: https://www.classy.org/campaign/santa-connection-2020/c314065