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The Companions in Courage Foundation partners with some of the best and brightest technology firms to provide resources that benefit pediatric patients and their families. By introducing technology to the healing process, we impact more than 50,000 pediatric patients per year.

Perhaps you have been the beneficiary of an act of kindness during a pediatric stay, and you’d like to pay it forward? Please consider contacting us for ideas on how we can work together to improve the hopital stays of patients and their families.

There are multiple ways you can help others to change their lives

  • Start a workplace campaign
  • Youth involvement
  • Become a partner
  • Grass Roots Community Campaign

No child… should ever have to go through it alone.

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Some of the success stories

  • Recently, the CiC Foundation and the Jacksonville Rotary Club took on the task of refurbishing the "Jaguars" Den Room at Wolfson Children's Hospital. The room was originally opened in 2008 and needed some upgrades to their technology and some general TLC. Pat Kirkland, manager of Family Support Services at the hospital sent along some nice photos of the updated room, along with a heartfelt note of appreciation. Attached are some pictures of our updated Jaguars Den! Sincere, heartfelt thanks for your help replacing dated equipment that was either broken or too slow for patients and families to enjoy. Repairing the torn upholstery makes it look pristine and also keeps us in compliance with infection control and accrediting organizations like The Joint Commission. The room is once again a vibrant place where patients and families can escape the hospital environment for a period of time and become engrossed in gaming, surfing the internet, watching a big screen TV or just hanging out in a space that is fun and decorated very much unlike a typical hospital space. We are very appreciative of your generosity which will make a difference in the lives of thousands of children and families we serve. There aren’t enough words to express my deepest appreciation - this update means the world to us! Sincerely,  Pat”
    Wolfson’s “Jaguars” Den is Good as New
  • 2015 American Idol champion Nick Fradiani, a native of Guilford, CT, visited the Lion's Den Room at Connecticut Children's Medical Center and put on an intimate performance for patients and their families. Katie Robbins of the Child Life staff said, "It was a special moment for our patients who may have been too sick to attend a concert in a regular venue."”
    American Idol Visits CCMC
  • “"What would we have done without the Lions Den??  Usually twice every day, Jonathan played in there.  He could crawl on a clean floor and get his wiggles out.  He learned to walk in there.  Most of his therapy sessions (OT, PT, Speech) were held in there.   In the evenings, my husband and three other children would join us in there for dinner.  It felt almost normal, because we could sit at the table and eat as a family as Jonathan played at our feet." - Megan Looney, North Carolina Children's Hospital”
    It almost felt normal…
  • “"As you know, being in the hospital over the holidays is never easy. What a happy surprise that we were able to bring SANTA himself to have a personal chat with our little ones who need it the most! We had a young lady who has been here for several months, and has had more difficulties than someone her age should ever experience. Her few minutes with Santa left her overjoyed and brought some Christmas magic into her life." - Janice Foster , Wolfson Children's Hospital”
    Santa Connection feedback
  • “"By getting kids to understand that they don't have to be lonely or isolated when recovering from an illness, we can address some of the stress-related disorders that we know hinder their ability to recover. It's that holistic approach to wellness that gets these kids better faster and keeps them out of hospitals." - Dr. Mehmet Oz, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.”
    Dr. Mehmet Oz
  • “Wanted to let you know the Lion’s Den has been PACKED every day this week. I have stopped by each day this week and every time I do (yesterday was at 9 p.m.!), there has been at least 4 kids in there! We have to remind them that they are sick and need their rest! - Greg Latz, Connecticut Children's Medical Center”
    Connecticut Children’s